Parenting After Religious Trauma


With Cindy Wang Brandt


I want to help you parent after religious trauma. 

I grew up in a conservative evangelical environment, the kind where I asked Jesus into my heart when I was a kid, married young, procreated, and committed to a lifetime of missionary service before my brain had even fully developed.


That turned out to be toxic in a hundred ways for me so I deconstructed my faith at the same time as raising my children. 



☑️ At first, it was the little things. Twitches and rants during and after church when I disagreed with what the pastor was saying from the pulpit.


☑️ Then, it was bigger things. Full on meltdowns as I had to choose to either abandon the church, or abandon myself.


☑️ My children sometimes triggered me with their innocent spiritual curiosity. I snapped at them because I didn’t want them to have the same toxic experience I had. 

I felt alone. Anxious. Terrified.
And I was supposed to be in charge of two little ones!

I started a group called Raising Children Unfundamentalist to talk about how in the world to do this hard thing: parenting and deconstructing at the same damn time.


Because of RCU, I wrote a book, started a podcast, hosted conferences, and through it all I learned that we are doing a beautiful and terrifying thing: parenting after religious trauma. 


Terrifying because this is uncharted territory.


Beautiful because it is an opportunity to create a new way of parenting—one that doesn’t coerce children’s spirituality, cultivates safe spaces for both the children and our inner child, and raise conscious citizens in families that change the fabric of our society.


Let me ask you:

✓ Are you struggling with religious trauma? 

✓ Do you even know if you have religious trauma? 

✓ Were you raised in an authoritarian faith environment? 

✓ Are your parents fundamentalists? 

✓ Is it hard to accept compliments?

✓ Do you struggle to experience pleasure? 

✓ Do you find it hard to draw boundaries? 

✓ Do you struggle with religious triggers? 

✓ Do you find your body struggling to catch up to your intellectual faith shift? 

✓ Do you want to protect your children from spiritual harm? 

✓ Do you want to raise children with spiritual autonomy?

If you are interested in learning more about the new community I am starting to help parents with religious trauma, I want to invite you to join me for this two day webinar.



Day 1: Monday, September 27th, 5pm PT/8pm ET:
How do you know if you have religious trauma?



Day 2: Tuesday, September 28th, 5pm PT/8pm ET:
How to religious trauma-proof your kids?



Parenting after religious trauma is hard but there are resources, the most powerful of which is community.

Join me for the FREE two day event and learn more about how I can help you reclaim our power, gain clarity, and parent forward with healthy spirituality.

And yes, recordings will be available for FREE for everyone who registers even if you can’t make it to the event.

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