Parenting After Religious Trauma 

With Cindy Wang Brandt


Religious trauma isn’t about the severity of the adverse religious event you experienced, it is your body’s response to an adverse religious event or subculture. If you find yourself struggling to thrive, living a life that is meaningful to your values because of religious trauma; and you’re parenting children with healthy spirituality at the same time?

You are not alone.

Over and over again, people tell me they grieve the loss of community and feel unmoored from losing their belief system and support.

If you are ready to not just survive but thrive, to heal from religious trauma, to parent forward with purpose and clarity, and to do this in community with others who know exactly what it’s like to Parent After Religious Trauma, it’s time to join the P.A.R.T. community.

I am carving out this new space along with you, the brand new founding members, to find healing for myself in community with you. 

I’ve successfully cultivated a community of more than 22K people who are parenting after religious trauma, here’s what people have said about Raising Children Unfundamentalist:


When I began to deconstruct my faith, it was terrifying. I felt like I’d never be sure of anything again; I was afraid of losing relationships; afraid of harming my children with confusion. Cindy has not just created resources (books, podcasts, conferences) to support this journey but has also created an entire community. In a world where social media is often the last place to ask messy questions, somehow Cindy’s group is welcoming, wise, funny, and diverse. I am not afraid anymore of never finding certainty; now I embrace curiosity and I learn from this community every day. I am learning to find my way through life without a rigid set of rules and Cindy’s group is my favorite corner of the internet.



“Going from a white overseas missionary, held up on a pedestal by the evangelical community, to a white atheist, parent of a transgender teen is a wild ride. I'm thankful for the spaces Cindy creates of other people on their wild and gentle rides. We're not alone and we don't even know what questions to ask unless we have diverse community around us. Cindy's spaces are invaluable for this.”


Count Me In!

But now I’m ready to do an even deeper dive with those of you who want to engage in this work with me and my people. 


Here’s the support you will receive for being a member of the P.A.R.T community:

1. What I've learned:

I’ve been where you are. I grew up in a fundamentalist/authoritarian system. I endured religious trauma (although it took me a while to figure that out), and I was raising two kids at the same time. I’ve learned so much the hard way and I would love to share all that I’ve learned with you, just as others have helped me.

Each month, I’ll share original content that I will craft, especially for you.

Examples of Topics:

✓ Spiritual triggers

✓ How to not pass on spiritual baggage

✓ How to draw boundaries

✓ Dismantling toxic doctrines and the impact it has on our bodies

How to heal from purity culture and parent with sex positivity

How to form new community/friendships after religious trauma

2. What we will learn together:

Since I have hosted several conferences and gathered a diverse range of speakers, I know the value of learning from different experts whose work it is to help people like us. I want to learn alongside of you.

Each month, we’ll host an expert who’ll talk to us about the topics of the month. I can’t wait to hear from their collective wisdom.

You can check out the speaker line ups from my previous conferences to get an idea of who we might hear from. 

You will also get a 50% off discount on any future Parenting Forward conferences that I host.

3. Addressing your specific concerns:

This community is about serving you and any specific concerns you may have about parenting after religious trauma. I want to make sure we respond to your personal issues.

Each month, me and an expert from the Religious Trauma Institute will go live to address those concerns and provide personalized support.

4. Community:

Healing from trauma happens not only from us receiving support, but also when we become a resource to others. That’s certainly been true for me and why I do this work that I do. I know when I help you, I’m helping myself heal and grow. 

You’ll get access to an intimate space where you can be a resource to others in this community. 

Cindy has created a unique and safe community where I feel less alone and more understood in my struggles with faith, religious trauma, and parenting through it all and I couldn’t be more grateful.” 

~ Tracey McGee

Founding Member Opportunity

Tier 1

$27/month or $270 annual ($54 savings)


  • Once a month teaching video content from me
  • Once a month webinar from an expert on the theme of the month

  •  Once a month Q&A with myself and an expert from the Religious Trauma Institute

  •  Exclusive resources

  •  50% off any future Parenting Forward Conferences


Tier 2

$37/month or $370 annual ($74 savings)


  • Once a month teaching video content from me
  • Once a month webinar from an expert on the theme of the month

  •  Once a month Q&A with myself and an expert from the Religious Trauma Institute

  • Exclusive resources

  • 50% off any future Parenting Forward Conferences

  • In addition to all the content from Tier 1, Tier 2 members will receive one extra hot seat session with me

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Founding Member Bonuses

✓ No join fee ($35 value)

✓ Locked in at the lowest price for as long as you maintain membership. (I will not be opening the doors to this membership again without raising prices.)

✓ Your valuable input to helping me shape this space from the genesis. (This will be a highly collaborative space.)

“I LOVE THIS GROUP.  You are such a life line. It helps to know we aren't alone in what we've experienced.

Thank you for providing us a space to work through the damages and anxieties as a result of our upbringing, and a space to figure out how not to perpetuate it within our own families.”

~ Anita Kathleen Byrd

Frequently Asked Questions

Doors close on October 11, 2021 at Midnight (Eastern Time)

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